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When shown to the public, the works of painter Negin Rouhbakhsh produce a double impression on visitor’s retina. At first sight, evidence of Persian cultural heritage is obvious. The liveliness of the colors, the complexity of the patterns, the infinite intertwining that the lines draw on the surface of the canvas evoke the art of Persian carpet and mosaic. These thousand-year-old knowledges have been transmitted from generation to generation. Besides, it is famous iranian painter Jafar Rouhbakhsh, scholarship holder of the Maeght foudation based in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, who familiarized his daughter Negin Rouhbakhsh with the world of painting. Even today, Negin Rouhbakhsh finds part of her inspiration in her father’s art, which she perpetuates. But there is also a contemporaneity of the works of Negin Rouhbakhsh, which links her to the abstract art of the second half of the twentieth century and to the electronic chips found on computer motherboards, these printed circuits which ensure the connection of all the components and allow microprocessors to recognize them. This double impression produced by the contemplation of the works of Negin Rouhbakhsh comes from the incredible encounter between the distant Persian past which she inherited and the ultra-modernity of her printed circuits figures that inscribe her in a futuristic present. One doesn’t forget this double impression. Long after our first vision, this impression comes back to light up our retinas and gives off a scent of eternity that captivates us as only an oriental lime can do.


Gaspard Delanoë

French artist, activist in favor of artist squats, president of the 59 Rivoli association and founder of several artists’ collectives (Igor Balut Museum, 1994 / KGB, 1999 / Chez Robert, free electrons, 2000).


Negin Rouhbakhsh – Art painter in paris, lives and works in Paris. His studio is located at 59 Rivoli since 2017. This former squat is a place of creation and experimentation that aims to bring together artists from around the world to encourage the practice of many artistic disciplines. Le 59 Rivoli is a place of exhibition and artistic creation, hybrid and singular
59 Rivoli
59 Rue de Rivoli
75001 – Paris


Open to the public (free)
Tuesday to Sunday
13h – 20h


Exposition Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris (France)
Exposition // Vente aux enchères 59 Rivoli, Paris (France)
Biennale 2020 de peinture et de sculpture,  Conches (France)

21ème exposition de l’Art Actuel France, Participation multinational,  Japon

Exposition collective Galerie Roz&Winkler, Barbizon (France)

Exposition collective Rivoliens Anonymes // 59 Rivoli, Paris (France)

Exposition collective Tabriz Art Expo, Tabriz (Iran)

Exposition collective Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris (France)

Art Capital Grand Palais, Paris (France)

Exposition collective Rivoliens Anonymes // 59 Rivoli, Paris (France)
Exposition Galerie MJC – Neuilly sur Seine (France)

La Salon d’Automne – Paris (France)

Exposition ateliers d’artistes – Neuilly sur seine (France)

Art Shopping Paris – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris (France)

Exposition collective Galerie Evénementielle 50 artistes / 50 œuvres Maitresses – Versailles (France)
Exposition collective TRIO – Paris (France)
Exposition collective  Galerie Etienne de Causans – Paris (France)
Exposition le Marly – Neuilly sur seine (France)
Exposition collective Galerie Vivienne – Paris (France)
Exposition collective Parigi Pisa – Pise (Italie)
Exposition collective 59 Rivoli – Paris (France)
Exposition collective – Istanbul (Turquie)
Exposition collective World Art Of Paris – Paris (France)
Exposition // vente Galerie Shams – Paris (France)
Exposition des talents artistiques de Neuilly – Neuilly sur Seine (France)

Exposition collective peinture de femmes – Créteil (France)

Exposition Art capital Grand Palais – Paris (France)
Grand Palais – Paris (France)
Association Socioculturelle des Iraniens en France – Créteil (France)

Galerie Jardin Persan – Pau (France)

Les Amis du Salon d’Automne de Paris – Paris (France)

Galerie Antiek Tattoo – Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)

Bohème Exposition, Place de Clichy – Paris (France)

Exposition Galerie 89 – Paris (France)

Galerie Thuillier – Paris (France)
Le Salon d’Automne – Paris (France)
Galerie Lehalle – L’arbre aux cadeaux – Paris (France)


Lauréat Biennale de Peinture et de Sculpture Conches (France)
Médaille de Bronze
La société des artistes français / Art Capital
Grand palais – Paris (France)
La société des artistes français / Art Capital
Grand palais – Paris (France)


2013 – 2015

Licence en Graphique-Option design d’imprimerie

Université Scientifique – Appliquer du Culture et de l’art – Téhéran (Iran)

2010 – 2012
Diplôme Supérieur en Graphiques

Université Scientifique–Appliquer du Culture et de l’art – Téhéran (Iran)
Negin Rouhbakhsh