Exhibition // Auction - 59 Rivoli, Paris (December 2020)

Located in the heart of Paris, this key venue for Parisian artistic production will hold an auction on Saturday, December 12, 2020. The exhibition, which can be viewed virtually until Friday, December 11th on social networks, will sell 51 original works by artists currently in residence as well as former members of the Rivoliens Anonymes collective, who are members of the Rivoliens Anonymes.
Deprived of its public, the 59 Rivoli wanted to take the lead and propose an event during which visitors and artists could meet, virtually, but still find each other.
Being able to bring a different, colorful, poetic, dreamy and even critical view of the current situation we all live in is the hallmark of artistic creation. Le 59 Rivoli has made a point of ensuring that, despite the closed doors of its magnificent building, visitors can continue to appreciate the work of its residents.
Thus the 51 original works by 51 artists are offered for sale on Saturday, December 12 at 3 pm. The public will be able to choose between different supports and mediums: paintings on canvas, on paper, drawings, collages, installations, photos, sculptures. They will also be able to choose between figurative, abstract, conceptual works, works full of colors, messages, dreams. In short, to allow art to continue to live.

2020 Biennial of painting and sculpture, Conches (October 2020)

Perpetuating the demand for quality that has made the reputation of this artistic event conchoise, while focusing on current creation, this is the raison d’être of the Biennale 2020 which continues to “live with the times” … Do not miss this new appointment with talented, inspired and original artists, who offer you a salutary escape (in these tormented times, it is welcome). More than ever, the arts must live in CONCHES en OUCHE!

Le Salon d'Automne, Paris (October 2019)​

The Salon d’Automne is a non-profit-making association of artists, founded in 1903, recognised as being of public utility since 1920, whose aim is to encourage and develop the fine arts in all its manifestations and particularly through exhibitions both in France and abroad.
It organises in Paris a large prestigious annual meeting which showcases several hundred works of art in all disciplines.

Art Capital - Grand Palais, Paris (February 2020)​

Art Capital is the unmissable annual gathering of French artists and talents. It allows the 2,000 artists who exhibit their work to inspire and be inspired in turn. During these 4 days, you can discover and exchange with contemporary art enthusiasts.
This exhibition, which has earned its reputation over the years, delights in the variety of styles of the exhibitors and their freedom. Art lovers, creative minds and the curious will be able to observe different works, from paintings to photos and even sculptures.
This is a dynamic and free contemporary exhibition in the image of France!

Galerie MJC, Neuilly sur Seine (November 2019)

Exposition des talents artistiques de Neuilly, Neuilly sur Seine (May 2019)

Exposition ateliers d’artistes – Neuilly sur seine (October 2019)

Negin Rouhbakhsh